Friday, June 27, 2008

Edited: Ginny is the Winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture Of Miss H picking Ginny's namer!!!!!

Ok...if your name is GINNY email your addy congrats your the Winner this week..stay tunned there will be another in a few days!!!!!

Ok Guys here is the 2nd have until Monday morning to get your comments in.....same rules as last time refer new people to the blog and they just need mention your name in the post and you get an extra ticket in the drawing!!!!!! This time around I added a picture.....Dream Street stuff!!!!!

P.S. Go check out these thank you's at Adrienne's and there is a link for some cool giveaways here!!!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ok....Here goes the first give away........

Number 5 is our winner!!!Aimeelou you win!!!!! email your addy:) Stay tunned I will do another soon!!!!This week giveaway...Heidi Grace Baby Line...there is some shimmer papers,double sided pattern paper,chipboard elements,boarder rub-ons,&alpha stickers..Just leave a comment and on Monday in the Morning I will post a winner...remember refer a friend for another entry. Good luck.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

OH....BTW...Another give away..........

Stay tuned because I am going to do another give away soon....I have several piles of leftovers from lots of projects...I will try to give one away every couple of sure to tell your friends. If you refer a friend to my blog and they post a message(have them leave your name) I will give you an extra entry in the next give away.....:)


My latest DT projects.....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Im a bad blogger......

our view at breakfast
photo at sunset
this is what happens when you let Brian hold the camera
This is Alex the newly wed from Miami jumping off Black rock
a view from the lobby
sunset on Black rock
torch lighting ceremony

the torch lighter diving off black rock

Black Rock
Brian body surfing
our $40 lounge
My toes

view from lobby

View from our Wialea room
the beach at Wialea
Molakini Crater
View from our Kannapali room
our friend at breakfast

Ok...summer is here I have no more excuses as to why I can't blog more often. The first few days of break the two little ones were sick they slept a lot and so did I. We worked out in the back yard on Sunday after church and Monday all day. We are trying to get our path way under control and decided to make the kids play area an outdoor living area...Really wanted to get a new BBQ that hooks up to the house..we plumbed the natural gas to the back when we built the house so we could do just that but now I am having a hard time finding a BBQ that will do that. Do they all just have that option these days????? Took T yesterday to drop off some resumes, went to the store to pick up lunch fixings...I forgot that during summer I actually have to make the kids lunch daily. Having a Pedi tomorrow with Ang for her B-day hoping to squeeze lunch in as well and trying to finish my CWH projects up this week. Here are the rest of the Hawaii pics...we really didn't take all that many because we were so busy taking it easy.