Friday, May 29, 2009


I have been spring cleaning lately....that means giveaways for you!!! I have 25 scrapbook( DT leftovers, winnings, paper crafting, and storage) related things to giveaway....over the next 2 weeks. So.....the first 5 to post a comment on here get the first 5 things!!!! Good luck. one post per person please...however you can post on the next give away.

go canucks go email me your info(:

Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's been awhile................Aphasia

I know, I'm a bad blogger. It's been crazy busy here on the home front. Good Mom is home released from care and almost fully recovered. Thanks for all the prayers and support during that hard hard time....thanks Angela for all the help with kids, keeping me company, and arranging meals!!! Kari K., Carrie B., Bree., Tonya, and Lori...thanks for all the wonderful meals and all the company.

Prayer of my mom's sisters is in the hospital with what they think is heart failure and my other aunt (the one diagnosed with aphasia) is having a difficult time. We think it may not be aphasia but some else because she has the speech symptoms of aphasia but there is also other things...seeing things that aren't there,confused, but not like Alzheimer's. I hope that someone out there sees this post and can give us some insight...maybe someone else has gone through this????

NSB Day was suppose to be at my house....I had 10 confirmed well in advance. I worked all week to prepare the house and slowly almost everyone began to cancel right before. I was so disappointed because I love to entertain and almost called it off completely the day before. Ended up with Janie, Lori, and Angela. At first I thought Angela just came for drinks lol!!! Man that girl surprised me (not really a scrapbooker)! She has been holding out on us!!! You will have to check her blog for the pages she did (wow) they make my first pages look like pre-schooler did them. To Tee and Carrie (sure I spelled that wrong...I have sooo many friends with that name and I think they are all spelled differently)...who I had told the day before I was going to cancel completely...I am sorry, coming for a short time would have been just fine, that I didn't get back to you guys I owe you guys a scrap day here....let me know what day works for you guys, my treat!!!

I am very excited about a new phase in my life....more details to come later. I can tell you that it combines two of my favorite hobbies and one of my favorite people!!!

Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing mothers out there. I have been ordered by Brian and the kids that I am not to lift a finger tomorrow. So, I cleaned the downstairs and finished the laundry yesterday. Today I will work on the upstairs. My goal is to plant some flowers in the yard and clear the area that we are putting a small raised garden. I updated my picture and background.....the picture is of wishing I was there right now.