Saturday, October 3, 2009

Still Crazy busy..Work...School

Well, what a month it's been!!!! Not much scrapping going on but I did get away for a few hours at the monthly Library retreat with some fabulous ladies and looking forward to the next one when I can stay all day:) T...went back to CCHS, and my part time job is now going to full time!!! It's a good thing I love my job. C had a great birthday, I had a great anniversary and birthday, and we are off to a great October. I think I have a good routine down.

  1. before bed lunches started
  2. Espresso machine ready( a must)
  3. Breakfast partially started(eggs blended, etc...)
  4. up at 5:00 am
  5. everyone ready
  6. hot breakfast made
  7. coffee!!!!!!
  8. lunches packed
  9. out the door by 7:00

as long as I stick to that schedule it is pretty much stress free. At work I feel like I'm racing the clock to get all my work done on time. However I would rather feel like that than be without anything to do. Trying to keep on a schedule but not let it rule my life.

We were asked by the in-laws to join that side of the fam for Christmas at the beach. I am such a tradition girl that I said no....but then said yes. I really felt a need to step out of my "tradition" shell and start to build memories. Added bonus....I'm taking my scrap stuff and plan to get lots done!!!!! Also plan to make some home-made gifts this year and stay on a tight tight budget.

The kids are loving being at school...parent night was comical. H left us a note that said "I know you would rather be watching T.V.".....A friend, whose son is in the same class, had a similar sentiment....but involved the!!! C's was just as cute...we left them notes in return. And then since it was our anniversary we went to applebee's for apps. with the Brown's!!!