Monday, March 17, 2008

Great Weekend For Me&A Hard Weekend For Tay.....

Well........What can I say with out going into too much detail. although I would love to say it all! My outlook on life used to be that everyone has a conscience, knows the difference between right and wrong. It is amazing how some people can lie and even with proof ,other people, don't beleive what the truth really is. I am so disappointed in people I must be nieve to think that everyone who goes to our school walks the same walk and has good in their hearts. Remember the saying "money is the root of all evil"? I think it is better said"jealousy is the root of all evil"! All I can say is that Jesus knows the truth and shame on them. On a lighter note I had a good time this weekend(except for the drama we had to deal with on Saturday)I was able to get 18 layouts done and now I want the Cricut Expression, I just have to sell my silhouette on ebay first. Met some awesome new friends had a great time with all the ladies especially Stacey,Mary, Nicole,Christy,Jackie,&Stephanie. it's good to meet new people especially in a time of crisis, get a new outlook, develop new friendships. I think I am going to meet Carrie,Ang,& Bree for lunch, my BFF's(Can't forget Deanna my Idaho BFF) , and I am sooooo looking forward to it. Still need prayers for Bree,s mom Bonnie and prayer that Tay can get through this tough time with out losing her spirit. Ok...I think that is enough for now.


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Shaela said...

Lashell - you will LOVE the Cricut Expression! I am totally in heaven with it. I highly encourage you to get the Design Studio as well when you can - it extends all your catridges so much more. Love the layouts! (again!)