Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Prayer request..........................Updates....

Cole with his karate instructor with his purple one belt
My welcome pack from CWH
Making Memories Garden Party Tags for swap
Taylor's new Decorative molding(sp)
&Halle's waiting the bull dog clips.
I came across this Prayer Request from another link. I know the power of payer works so please say a quick prayer, thanks. So last week Cole tested and received his purple one belt(way to go Cole you are so AWESOME). Taylor joined friends at the State AAA playoffs in Salem(thanks Kirkpatrick's!)Cascade was 3rd this year(1st last year).The rest of us stayed home and Kalen was with us for the weekend.The Roseborough's came over for dinner and helped us do some decorative things in the girls' rooms(thanks Roseborough's you guys are amazing).I finished my tag's for the CWH design team swap. The highlight was receiving my welcome box from CWH wow! can I just say this is a awesome team to be on...so much stuff and more to come every month. OK....so now I am off to school to work in the Cafeteria(yeah).




Gina Hanson said...

Lashell, your tags turned out Cute! I'm keeping mine under wraps, I hope everyone likes them. OOOooo . . . love that decorative molding too! :)

Gina Hanson said...

Lashell, I've tagged you! Check out my Blog! :)