Friday, March 6, 2009

Another NSD Update...Spaces a filling up quickly!

Another update...spaces are filling up quickly, there are a few people who are tentative I will wait to put them on the list until I have a firm "yes". Date: 5/2/09 Time: 9:00-7:00

  1. Me
  2. Lori L.
  3. Lori W.
  4. Keri H.
  5. Tee T.
  6. Amy
  7. Hopefully Gina :)
  8. Jammie U.
  9. Angela G.
  10. _
  11. -
  12. -

In other news.....In honor of St. Patrick's day, along with our Irish heritage, we are hosting a party. I am soooo excited, if you don't know by now I love to entertain!


Janie said...

Lashell tell me about your NSD plans...............
OMG, love that photo (Ireland)! Ireland is also on my list of places to see. Did you ever see P.S. I Love You? One of my favs now!

Live Laugh Love said...


I Can't wait until the St. Patrick's Day Party. Happy to help you decorate...

laura P said...

Love that picture !