Monday, March 2, 2009

The Bachelor or should I say..........

Well, I just had to post this while it was fresh in my mind. We waited all day to watch this last episode along with everyone else in America. We were soooo excited he picked Melissa, only to be let down with Jason's "I think the grass is greener..." revelation on the after the rose show. I think that was probably the fasted ANYONE has gone from being absolutely loved by America to hated(strong word but remember you have to love before you can hate) by America. Wow, what a...hmmm... coward would be the perfect word to describe him. I completely agree with Melissa about why not fight for it...fight for what they have to see if it will grow. I say good riddance Melissa your better off!!! Suppose they had gotten married and even pregnant and he then got cold feet and he said"I'm just not sure". what is this 2Nd after the rose show tomorrow!!!! It must be he changed his mind again and wants Melissa again or maybe it's Jillian this time. I just can't turn my head that fast.

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Lori1brat said...

OOOHHH - I didn't know you were a Bachelor fan !!! I am totally confused by his decision. If Melissa was NOT the right fit for him, I wish he wouldn't have broken the news to her on TV. I think it was poor judgement on HIS and ABC's part to do this publicly. I hope he and Molly are truly happy - though I am with Melissa on 'fighting for their relationship'. Don't just walk away - if there were TRUE feelings there, you just can't turn them on & off at will. Not fair to ANYONE.

YAY for Jillian as the next Bachelorette. Maybe she can prove to America that ABC CAN help her find true love & happiness. I am getting a pretty tired of the 'NOT happily ever after' bit .... LOL