Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas......

Christmas Eve service

The whole gang
Goofy Taylor&Cole
After Santa's visit

Good Morning! Well it was a white Christmas here...only it was frost and not snow. Last night

we had a awesome but cold time at Christmas ever service at Applegate. The kids were so

excited and didn't let us sleep a wink past 8:00 am. Santa brought Halle a pink DS lite,Cole

The Ultimate Bumble Bee,and Taylor a Victoria's Secret bling sweat outfit. They also got a few

gifts from us and Grandma Janie. We did buy a family gift, a WII. The kids thought presents

were done as we had them go turn on the T.V. to watch Elf while We made Breakfast. They

were shocked(and we got it on video)when they opened the cabinet to get the movie and a WII

was staring at them! It was soooo funny we heard "are you kidding me" and Cole play fainted

to the ground. I actually think that Brian was the most excited he can't leave it alone. Thank

you Aimee I needed that and am anxiously waiting your blog debut! The ham is in the

oven,the pies are made, the kids are making mashed potatoes with dad,and Grandma is

making salad.....Yum! We are looking forward to dessert with the Marshall family this evening

as well as some games. Merry Christmas may we all remember what the true meaning of

Christmas is this blessed day.



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aimeelou said...

Sounds like a WONDERFUL Christmas. I too had a GREAT day. My family was all together. No snow but I wished hard for it. Lots of wind and sun. I think everyone got what they wanted. I am in the process of taking Christmas stuff down but needed alittle break. The guys are off to golf. What else is new. My mom and I may try to go shopping. Who knows. Keep posting and keep your chin up. Aimee