Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So much for posting everyday......... much for posting everyday, maybe that should be my New Years resolution. I can't

believe I have to start thinking about that already! Of course 2007 has flown by much quicker

than any other year I can every remember. I have been a bit down lately and don't know how

to shake it this is usually my favorite time of year.Don't get me wrong I still love this time of

year but for some reason I feel more alone?I can't explain it. On a lighter note, I plan to purge

the house of clutter right after Christmas. We plan to have another Christmas at home just us

hanging out...maybe next year we can take off out of town to bed another

baking day tomorrow.



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aimeelou said...

Don't feel so down. You have a wonderful family and you just had a Great trip with your husband. Getting rid of clutter is a good feeling. It will lift your spirits for sure. Have a wonderful Christmas and please keep posting. I check your site regularly. Miss ya lots, Aimee