Monday, November 12, 2007

3 planes and 1 scary car ride.........................

After 3 longggg plane rides,1 scary car ride, and 22 hours of traveling we made it safe and sound. The plane ride was much easier than I expected(dramamine and valium are a good combination when you are an anxious flyer,too tired to worry). Wow it was bitterly cold when we arrived.Our driver didn't show so another Volvo drive took us to the hotel and after a long day of travel we wanted nothing more than to take a bath and eat a small dinner in our room. Little did we know that you can not order dinner and take it to your room. Instead you order it and pay double($80.00 2 sandwiches&apple pie +tip for everthing else theres MasterCard?????) to have it delivered to your room.Our Volvo factory tour is at 10:30 so this will be a short post with more to come later. Breakfast was amazing with all kinds of bread,fruit,meat,cheese,etc......And now Brian is running around the hotel taking pictures of everything, and I thought I was the!

we miss you all, blessing



Galante Family said...

Good to hear from you guys. What is the time difference? I understand the scary car ride we had one of those in Buenos Aires. Now you can relax and enjoy yourselves. Have fun sightseeing.
Looks like you will have some great choices for eating. Thanks for the post.

God bless,
Galante Family

Alex said...

Glad to hear you made it safe and sound!! Thanks for all the pics and updates! Can't wait for more! Enjoy!

The Haug Family :)

TDarb said...

Hi Mom and Dad. This is Taylor. I miss you so much. We are thinkin about making our own blog and putting pictures of us on there so you can see us. I Love You and Miss You SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! Relax and have fun.

Gail said...

Hi Brian and LaShell,
By the time you get over your "jet lag", it will be time to come home.
I'm meeting Val for lunch tomorrow before she picks up the gang from school. It's fun that you have this blog and to see your photos. Keep posting. We all love seeing something every day.

Love, Auntie Gail