Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another day in Rome......

The pizzaria
The Pallazo

The Rain

Ahhhh....another day in Rome in the pouring rain. Today we decided to just take it easy and see what part of the city we could on our own. It was a good thing because it stated to pour at about 1:00. We went to the Palazzo Barberini Museum the architecture was amazing we couldn't take pictures inside. All the paintings were of biblical scenes and the saints. It use to be a palace and each room had amazing paintings on the ceilings. We then ventured down Nazionale street. Lots of high end shops and a few churches. We then went to lunch at a pizzeria we had no recommendations but the place was busy with locals so we knew it had to be good. It was wonderful....we will up date the exact name tomorrow. We then went to Prenatal ( to wait out the rain and did a bit of shopping for Halle. John and Molly you have to go to this store. We then hiked the 10 blocks back to the hotel in the pouring rain. If people thought Americans were crazy drivers they need to visit Rome. Pedestrians DO NOT have the right away you literally have to jump out of the way when a car or scooter come along. When the light changes for the cross walk you RUN. Tomorrow we are going to hop on the tour bus that stops at all the major Rome attractions you can get off and on at your own leisure and thought since we are going to the Vatican for our tour it would perfect to see all the sights.

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Gail said...

Hi Brian and LaShell, I love hearing about your time in Rome and the photos are great! It brings back memories of my times in Italy, the last time with Val and me. Yes, it does rain and you do have to walk, but it's worth the effort. I'm glad you are doing a bus tour to acquaint yourself with Rome. Did you see Trevi Fountain yet to throw my coin in? I hope you have tried the gellato (sp)-nothing like it in US. Val and I had lunch with old friends at Eagle Pt.Golf Club today. It's fun having her here in OR. Chris, Vincent and I are going over on Sat. so Cole and Vincent can have a play day. Much love, Auntie G.