Saturday, November 10, 2007

And were off....................almost

So here we are at the "Medford International Airport" and we are almost off. Ok,so I thought our departure time was 11:20 and Brian was sure it was 12:20 umm....he was right which doesn't happen very often. He is gloating. So our goal is to post our pictures and daily outings every day. Make sure you guys post comments. We miss our 3 sweet peas and we haven't even left Medford yet.

Blessings until Seattle,

Brain and Lashell


Galante Family said...

Hi Guys,
Hope you have a fun and safe trip. How exciting, thanks for sharing your daily adventures and pictures with all of us.

God Bless

Galante Family

Gail said...

Hi Brian and LaShell,
I love the idea of your blog and photos for your trip. Your picture at Medford Airport is great! Looking forward to your messages and photos.
The grandmas have everything under control, so have a happy and relaxing trip.

Love and boun viaggio, Auntie Gail

Alex said...

Hey Brian & Lashell,

You guys have a great time and really enjoy each others company!! Can't wait to see more pics and here about your many adventures!

Bridget and family

Alex said...

hey this is Alex. Didn't you guys forget somethin'? Think again! you didn't bring ME! Bye.

Valerie Boden Darby said...

Hi all - well I had this long comment to post with comments from everyone here - and then it disappeared when I tried to publish it! Sorry, I'll try to remember some the comments. Basically, everyone here says "HI" and we love you and miss you. Have a great trip - we look forward to seeing your pictures. What a great way to share your trip with us as it is happening!

Much love from Taylor, Cole, Halle, Jessica, James, Janie & Val

Kay said...

I'm so proud of the two of you for taking time out for yourselves. You look like world travelers already. The kids sounded great when I talked to them. What a great idea to blog your trip. L - don't you want to join me on Xanga so we can keep updated on each other's families???

Have a great time. K