Wednesday, November 28, 2007


The something??? Castle
An amazing church
My perfect Cappuccino
Santa Maria
The Forum
The Forum
The Forum Again
on the way to the Sistine

Well....Steve and Leslie left this morning. I traveling buddies are heading home and we are hoping they will join us next year!:)We decided to map out a plan to see the other sites we were not able to see this week. We stated with a longggg walk up to Santa Maria. It is an amazing church. We then caught the 9:30 am bus to the Forum it was well worth it. it had finally stoped raining and the sun was out today just a bit cold. Next stop...The Vatican to visit the Sistine Chapel. The line was soooo long it took us about 25-30 minutes just to get through the first line and the chapel closes at 1:00 so we made it through the museum line at 12:40 and then continues to the chapel. If you are at all claustrophobic this is not the thing for you to do. It is wall to wall people elbow to elbow. You kind of feel like cattle. We pretty much saw the chapel and then headed out that was good enough for us. Then bought a pair of sunglasses at one of the street vendors and headed to the bus stop. From there we rode on the upper level of the bus and was able to see the other sites we wanted to. We headed back to Via Vieneto(SP) to the Paris Cafe for a sandwich,cappuccino,and dessert. Then it was off to the hotel....Brian took a nap and I packed. We had dinner at a place of hotel suggested called Grill and Wine. It was just OK nothing to write home about and then headed the Gran Cafe to see Giorgio for a Cappuccino and dessert. He has to be the greatest waiter in Rome. He came over to our table with a huge Tiramisu and a small glass with some sort of reddish liquid in it. He says it is something he likes to drink and it is stronggggg....I passed it off to Brian after a sip or two. We gave him a very nice tip that he tried not to accept and gave us some candy. We would love to bring him home for a sweet friend we know.;). Until we get home.


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