Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Tour bus.....................


spanish steps,Louis,Mcdonalds

Happy Birthday Leslie!!!!!Went to dinner with The new friends to a place called Ciao something and the waiter was a complete jerk. It was the cutest place and he then had the nerve to write in his own service charge??? What's up with that? We will bypass this resturant from now on. We went to the Spanish steps and down the primo shopping street. We could only afford to look. I really wanted a Louis Vitton bag badddddd and was content to look until I almost walked into the mirror at the store. EmbarassedI ran out and waited for everyone else to come out. The sad thing was as I was looking up at the purses and trying to get to them and tried to side step this lady come to find out the lady was me.LOL!I was able to take a picture of the store front which will have to do.We spent all day out on the tour bus and only saw two sites.We clearly underestimated how tour bus trying to see the rest of the attractions????Any suggestions? We could probably maybe do both as long as the rain goes away.It is hard to sight see while it is pouring.So we started early caught the tour bus at 10:20. There were a few things to see where we didn't have to get off the bus we could take pictures as we passed such as the Santa Maria and the Presidents palace.Then we stoped at the Colosseum clearly we did not plane well because we needed to be at the Vatican at 1:15 for our Scavi tour. We need to head back to the Forum that area. We just made it to the Vatican in time and followed the instructions on where we were suppose to go.For whatever reasons we did not have to go through the huge line of security that is on the right of St. Peters?????We were instructed to go to the left and ask the Swiss guard for the excavations office. The first guard said "yes I know where it is but I am off duty" I promptly called him a jerk under my breath. Like the majority of Danish&Swedish men he was not at all a gentlemen. So I can now add Swiss men to the list as well.I am not referring to the men who have lived in the US for years just the majority of men we have encountered. I would love for them to prove us wrong. Ok so back to the Scavi tour.....if you are going to the Vatican this is the way to do it.We emailed the Vatican and requested a time to take this tour and gave them a wide range of days that we would be there. It was amazing, it is a small group of people in our case all American exchange students with an American guide. You get to go down to all the original tombs underneath the St. Peters. You even get to see the original tomb that St. Peter was buried in and there is a small glass box that NASA built that has a few of his remains in it.What an impact it has on you when you see all this. When were finished with the Scavi tour it was pouring(the weather channel was wrong) and we didn't bring our umbrella. We quickly slipped into St. Peters and took some pictures to escape the rain and cold. Having nothing to eat since 8:00 am and it was now 3:30 we decided to skip the rest of Vatican city in hopes that weather would be better tomorrow. We hoped back on the bus after a 20 minute hungry wait in the rain and decided to go to our favorite cafe next to the hotel and get a panini and a cappucino.Ahh...and we were greeted by our new favorite waiter Giorgio(will tell more about him later).

Until Tomorrow, blessings,

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Gail said...

Hi world travelers,
I love your photos. They are beautiful and I look forward to seeing all when you return. I hope the rain didn't "dampen" your spirits for your touring in Rome. Don't judge all Italian men from your experience there---(remember Uncle Leo?- LOL
Ciao, Auntie Gail