Saturday, November 10, 2007

Were sitting here.............

Ok, here we are in Seattle....longggggg layover, were sitting in the SAS lounge(1 grumpy lady and 1 nice lady at the desk). Alex...we didn't forget anything but thanks for the reminder I am glad to see you helped your mom post a! If the seats on the plan are anything like this we will be in good shape tonight. I'm starting to wind down a bit which is a good thing and Brian,well is Brian. He is taking advantage of the FREE beer on the plane and Free drinks in the lounge.

Until Sweden, blessings

Brian and Lashell

P.S. We miss you already Tay,Cole,& Halle


aimeelou said...

Hey you two, Have a great and restful time. Enjoy all it has to offer. Like food, beer, wine, and all the scenery. Take lots of pictures. You know scrapbooking in mind. Can't wait to see some pics and hear all about it. Aimee

John said...

COOOOl! Glad you guys are having fun in the SAS lounge. Being drunk before you leave might help for the long flight. Just keep drinking while on the plane too. Make sure you go to the Kabob shop on the main strip in Goteborg. Order the suvlake? It is kabobs over french fries with a very good spicy pink sauce. It is a small place on the corner across from the 7-Eleven. Hope you find it and eat there, it is delicious. Cant wait for your next post!