Monday, November 12, 2007

Almost Time to leave................

all the light switches at a pub
dinner at SOHO

The fun Candy store

a view of the city

Our new friend Steve and Leslie

Well we have been in Sweden a longgggg 27 hours and it is almost time to leave already. I wish we would have added more time here. I really wanted to get more pictures of the architecture but there was no time.Today we toured the Volvo factory although we have no pics because you can't take your camera inside. It was a great tour but bitterly cold on the parts we had to travel outside. We have picked out my new car(he he)a pearl white xc90 with tan interior. Ok, grandma's get ready for another week with the kids, but I think we will wait until the winter season is over. We meet a really nice couple Steve and Leslie from Kansas City at the Volvo factory. Steve is a Service manager for a Volvo store in Kansas City and was picking up a car for the dealership there just like we were. They offered us a ride to see some castles however we got a little lost(not great directions from the Volvo factory) so we ended back up at the hotel. We met up for dinner at SOHO (an amazing restaurant and less than the sandwich thing the night before) they are also going to Rome and staying at the same hotel we are. We have planned to meet up with them when they arrive in Rome.

Enjoy this round of pictures, blessings,

The Darby's(aka world travelers)

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Valerie Boden Darby said...

Hi there, good to hear of your day in the Volvo plant and elsewhere, if you did get lost - that seems to be part of traveling, sometimes. How fun to meet up with another couple doing what you are doing and that you'll be able to see again in Rome.

Love to you two from all of us here at Hotel Darby-Eagle Point.