Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The Pizzaria
Triton fountain
a hotel
our hotel
The Resturant

Austrian Alps
Italian countryside
some church
the Forum

The Airport in Sweden
The snow

So I think we slept a total of 2 hours last night. After dinner we could not sleep so we packed up, took showers, and tried to sleep since we had to to be up at 4:00 am and catch our taxi at 5:00 am. Needless to say we could not sleep. On our way to the airport it started snowing(gorgeous)planes were delayed and we thought we were going to miss our connecting flight to Rome. As luck would have it the plane we were on was the same plane scheduled to Rome we quickly got off the plane to run to the next gate and were pleasantly surprised to find it was at the same gate with 30 minutes to spare. While I went to buy some special candies Brian decided to break his glasses. We ran to a jewelry store and fortunately the lady gave us a bottle of super glue. On our way to board the plane we were handed a paper from the flight attendant about something to do with not being able to use the q400???? All we really knew it meant was that we felt like sardines the entire 2 hour flight. Thank goodness for lack of sleep because it meant we sleep the whole plane ride. Rome is very different from Sweden and Denmark!!!! Next time I would like to stay longer. After a even scarier ride into Rome we were given a room at the rear of the hotel that was kind of blahhh. Brian asked if we could have a room with a view of the street...we were given a slightly smaller room and bed,bathroom with shower only but an amazing balcony(it was worth it).We then napped for 4 hours and went out for dinner. We tried to find a pizzeria listed in a tour book no luck but we found an amazing little store call pre-nat-al. I thought maternity but no....it is an amazing clothing store for kids(just up my alley). Unfortunately we hit it at closing time so we have to go back another day but the sweet girl in the shop gave us a recommendation for a pizzeria. Much different than ours at home....kind of a burnt tortilla like crust with very little on top but it did the trick and the waitress was very kind. We then headed back to the hotel and sat out front at a cafe and had tiramisu and Irish coffee(yum). I think we are going to go on a tour tomorrow to either Pompeii/Naples or Florence/Tuscany...weather permitting. Then the Vatican and city tour on Thursday.

Until tomorrow, blessings,

The World Travelers (aka Brian&Lashell)


Galante Family said...

Well it sounds like you guys are having a great time. I gave your blog address to Julie M. at work. You could probably spend 10 days at each place!!! We'll go back with you guys. Hope you enjoy the rest of the trip and get to do all the things you wanted too!!!
God Bless,
Galante Family

Leanne Marshall said...

oh my goodness, what a wonderful trip so far...can't wait to see all your pic's (of course, in an amazing album) enjoy your week,
love leanne and kids