Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Sleepy and ready to go home in Germany
Our view of Germany

We were on time for breakfast and made it too the airport on time bags packed and under 50 pound each. We were headed to security when we remembered that our carry on had wine and lemoncello in it. Needless to say Brian had to go back and check it. Our plane was late taking off and we knew we were going to be late landing but they assured us ( the six of us on the flight) that the plane was not on time taking off so we would make it and they were expecting us. We all ran......and hit the gate 15 minutes late they other people at the gate told us the plane had left at least 45 minutes prior. Of course we had to stay another night in Copenhagen which would not have been too bad except for the fact we had no clothes. We were lucky enough to be on a 7:00 am flight to Frankfurt and then off to Portland. At least we got a Germany stamp in out passport and it seemed lovely from the air. We only ended up about 14 hours later than we would have been. We get to Portland into customs and they tell us only 1 out of our 4 bags made it to Portland. Fortunately they arrived in Medford the next evening. The kids were happy to see us and we were happy to see them. I thought we would be fine staying up until their bedtime but after a warm bath, Halle and I crawled into bed at 6:00 pm and didn't wake until 6:00 am. Happy to be home in our own bed and with the kids. Thank to the Grandma's who took care of them. I decided to keep the post going hopefully daily and thought I may add my scrap work to it. Until tomorrow.



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